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How to Import Digital Stickers to Goodnotes

How to Import Digital Stickers to Goodnotes

Wondering how to import digital stickers to Goodnotes from Etsy? You’ve come to the right place! If you bought your latest goodies from KFK Creative, first, thank you! I appreciate your support of my small shop. If you purchased a digital sticker collection from another shop… GO AWAY!

Just kidding, of course!

If you purchased a digital sticker collection from another shop on Etsy, the import process may be the same, depending on how their files are delivered. The important thing to note about KFK stickers is that they are ready-made. Like a turnkey house. Meaning, all you have to do is import the Goodnotes file and they are already ready to use. What I love about delivering files like this is that every single sticker in the order is included within ONE file! No need to import tons of individual PNG files, no need to crop them all to get rid of all that annoying empty space, no resizing, and no need to add every single sticker to your personal sticker books.

Each KFK Creative digital sticker order contains:

  • One Goodnotes file with pre-cropped digital stickers
  • One zipped folder containing individual PNG files
  • One instruction sheet

All digital sticker products are accessed the same way on Etsy. When you first make your purchase, you will be presented with the zipped folder of PNG files, and the instructions sheet. The instruction sheet will contain a link to the Dropbox folder that has the Goodnotes file, which you will be importing to your Goodnotes app.

DownloadING Your Digital Files FROM ETSY

Before you can import your KFK Creative files, you’ve got to download them from the Your Purchases section of your Etsy account. Here, you can access all of the files associated with your order – this usually means an Instructions file as well as a zipped folder containing the individual PNG files.

From point of purchase, you will immediately be presented with a thank you message and option to download.

  1. Select the PDF file associated with your purchase to access the instructions.

** NOTE: this is where many people get confused. Many buyers skip the instructions and try to import the PNG files to Goodnotes. This is NOT what you want to do. The PNG files are only provided as a small add-on. The file you want (.goodnotes) is accessed through the instructions. 

If you are downloading after the point of purchase:

    1. Navigate to your account marked ‘You’ in the top-right corner.
    2. Choose the product you want to download and select Download Files to the right of the listing.
    3. Once you have downloaded your instructions, you can access the Dropbox folder associated with your order under DOWNLOADING YOUR GOODIES. Click this link to be directed to Dropbox.
    4. In Dropbox, you will see three files: a copy of the instructions you just read, a copy of the zipped PNG files, and the Goodnotes file. Select the .goodnotes file.
    5. Here, you will be shown a screen that will tell you the .goodnotes files cannot be previewed. This is normal, and is only becuase of the unusual file type. Click Download > Direct Download.


Now that you have the Goodnotes file downloaded to your iPad, how the heck are you supposed to get it into your Goodnotes app?

    1. Next, if you aren’t automatically redirected, navigate to your device Downloads to find the .goodnotes file you just downloaded from Dropbox.
    2. Select the Share button in the top-right corner and scroll to More.
    3. Scroll down the list of options until you find Copy to Goodnotes.
    4. This next step is about preference. If you’d like to import your sticker pack as its own file within your Goodnotes app, select Import as New Document. If you want to add it to an existing file, like your digital planner, select Import to Current Document (if this is your preference, you’ll need to make sure it is already open before importing your new sticker pack).

Your stickers are finally ready to use! Now that wasn’t so bad, was it?

Once you have imported your new sticker collection, you can mix, match, and reuse them all you want! That’s the beauty of digital stickers.


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